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Katarina Rodriguez

13631505-530461213813059-9044856406090366811-n“Yesterday I went on a crazy adventure. I trekked 4 hours through the jungle to reach the opening of the largest cave in the country and second largest in Southeast Asia. From there we went caving for 7 hours. Caving is no joke. You lose concept of time & it’s almost as if you enter another dimension. The physical aspect itself is intense but what you see is worth it all. A different kind of majestic scenery. All I could think was how much I love water and wanted to be underneath my kumot in my bed. ? This last part, the toughest part of the experience was character developing and genuinely humbling. You could say it more or less shifted my perspective on many things. Regardless of the difficulties I’m glad everyone is okay and alive & I have too much gratitude for all the blessings here on Earth. I can’t wait to adventure more”
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