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Tam & Nian Romano

Lobo Cave – May 4, 2017

At first i was hesitant to push through with this caving because of the cost. But Sir Joni proved that everything that we paid for was all worth it. Not just worth it.. We got way more than we paid for and expected. The trip to Lobo Cave, the boat ride, the jeepney ride, underground swimming, everything was just damn worth it.

Thank you Sir Joni for allowing us to experience all this. We will definitely recommend this to our friends. Not just recommend but, really promote Trexplore. Sir Joni, it was really a pleasure having you as our guide and even for just a while, our friend. Kuya Rogelio was also such a pleasure to be with. We will say thank you over and over again because one is just not enough.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

PS. You’re wife is really beautiful! Sarap magluto!.

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