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What Our Guests Say

Lobo Cave – May 4, 2017

At first i was hesitant to push through with this caving because of the cost. But Sir Joni proved that everything that we paid for was all worth it. Not just worth it.. We got way more than we paid for and expected. The trip to Lobo Cave, the boat ride, the jeepney ride, underground swimming, everything was just damn worth it.

Thank you Sir Joni for allowing us to experience all this. We will definitely recommend this to our friends. Not just recommend but, really promote Trexplore. Sir Joni, it was really a pleasure having you as our guide and even for just a while, our friend. Kuya Rogelio was also such a pleasure to be with. We will say thank you over and over again because one is just not enough.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

PS. You’re wife is really beautiful! Sarap magluto!.

Tam & Nian Romano, Calbayog City / Cainta, Rizal
13631505-530461213813059-9044856406090366811-n“Yesterday I went on a crazy adventure. I trekked 4 hours through the jungle to reach the opening of the largest cave in the country and second largest in Southeast Asia. From there we went caving for 7 hours. Caving is no joke. You lose concept of time & it’s almost as if you enter another dimension. The physical aspect itself is intense but what you see is worth it all. A different kind of majestic scenery. All I could think was how much I love water and wanted to be underneath my kumot in my bed. ? This last part, the toughest part of the experience was character developing and genuinely humbling. You could say it more or less shifted my perspective on many things. Regardless of the difficulties I’m glad everyone is okay and alive & I have too much gratitude for all the blessings here on Earth. I can’t wait to adventure more”
Katarina Rodriguez, 13 hrs · Burayan

p1340707_1_orig“What a great experience – I recommend it to anyone who visit Samar. A “MUST DO” Experience , Joni Abesamis Bonifacio is very professional and has organized a complete day for his clients- from trekking with stunning view to some incredible caving & swimming in the underground waterways finishing with canoeing peacefully down a stream.
A full day of adventures”

Wazza & Lyn, Australia/Masbate

6966115_orig“All i can say is Thank you! Thank you so so so much! I had an amazing trip to Lobo Cave and a fantastic stay at Trexplore. You treated me like i’m a family member and let me join your “ritual” on Good Friday… I really appreciate that! All the best for you, I’ll never forget my awesome time spent together with you!”


5548175_orig“The most welcoming and calm host. Outstanding service and organization. All together made for an excellent experience. Joni as a guide is exciting but very calm. Professional, organised and patient. All round mind blowing
We will be back”

“Joni thank you very much for your invitation. Maybe, without you, i would never done caving and canyoning. It was an adventure for me to be in the underground and to jump so deep into the water. Thank you very much!”

“Joni and his crew gave me my best adventure in the last years. They kept me safe while letting me go beyond my usual limits.Not to mention the ride back in a narrow canoe and sitting on the roof of the jeepney.”


7748024_origIt was our first time doing caving and it was awesome. It will be one of the best experiences of our trip around the Philippines for sure!
The way back in a boat through the river was also very pleasant and relaxing. Our guide did a good job and Joni Abesamis Bonifacio and his wife were very friendly and kind. 100% recommended!!”

“AWESOME, DOPE, EXTRAORDINARY and those adjectives that can’t describe the experience in words.
The best thing is that we felt everything was so local. Jeepney, bike, food, treatment..Was our first time caving, but won’t be the last for me! We’ll be back for the two day caving. Keep the good work! YOU’RE AWESOME!” 


7497249_orig“What an amazing experience! From the moment we saw the mouth of the cave to our exit on the other side, I was constantly faced with the beauty of a location like no other. It felt like something out of a movie at times. Joni’s passion for adventure shone through as we trekked not only through the cave, but also the jungle. I can’t think of a better person to guide people.
Thanks for the experience!”

“An experience i will never forget. Joni’s passion for the outdoors is one of a kind. I hope and sure he will influence other people to pursue what really matters to them. The cave was a sight to behold. I felt like a Nat Geo explorer! Something i always dreamed of when i was a kid. Thanks for making my dream come true even just for a day!”


2258711_orig“Thank you so much for an amazing experience! I did things_caving/jumping from a waterfall in the darkness that i thought i would never do. Thank you for that opportunity and for showing us this beautiful sight of Samar. Your love & passion for spelunking is obvious when you are outdoors. Best wishes on your touring company’s growth and success. Hope to come back again.” 
“Joni et al. This trip for exceeded everything that i could have ever expected. I was warned that we could not go to the Calbiga caves, but dearly there was nothing to worry about. Sulpan was amazing. The entire itinerary was arranged so well, every detail attended to and the food has been the best. I can honestly say this has been one of the best experience of my life. Will be back again for Calbiga.”


9707282_orig“Thanks Joni for a great trip for two to the Pinipisakan Falls and Sulpan Cave! We arranged everything only three days in advance, yet the organization was very good and we enjoyed every minute. The mixture of boating/ hiking/ caving/camping/canyoning is fantastic and we will certainly recommend Joni to everyone we meet along our journey.”
“THANKS CAVE MASTER JONI! I have tried caving before but never did I enjoy it as much as i did with Joni. He has all the equipments, gears and has extensive knowlegde of the places he takes us. You will know how he loves doing this and sharing it with his guests who he treats as friends and not customers. I will promote this to my friends, on social media and everyone i know. God bless & more power to trexplore!”

915137“We are having the most unbelievable time with Joni – Lobo, Canyoning, and Pinipisakan Falls + Sulpan Cave. I’ve never seen anything like those Falls. Joni packs the maximum amount of adventure possible into a day. We are exhausted and loving it! Can’t wait to head to the Biliran for Canyoning.
Thank you for every part of the unexpected adventures in the Philippines! We have been blown away!”

189126“I almost want to keep it a secret it was so amazing but Pinipisakan falls was the best tour I have been on in my life and I have been on a lot it had it all…I wish i had the time to do the 2 day camp falls and caves. Joni really impressed me with his professionalism and felt very safe.

I’ve been to quite a few beautiful places in the Philippines but nothing really compares to Samar after having seen Pinipisakan falls. The caves we saw were simply spectacular. Really a once in a lifetime experience. Huge thanks to Joni who is probably the best guide i’ve ever met. He turned each trek into an adventure. I especially like the fact that every trek is completely unique and never retraces any steps. Can’t wait to come back!!”

189126“I LOVE SAMAR. I’ve been around the Philippines and I can honestly say that Samar is one of my favorite place now. Thanks to Sir Joni, his beautiful wife and his team. I got to see this wonderful island has to offer. Will definitely be back for more! Thanks for taking good care of me smile emoticon Cuts, bruises, bites and what have you-totally worth it.”
6122729“Thanks Joni for this amazing adventure! Beautiful Sulpan Cave , waterfalls and camping.”

“Cheers Joni for this fantastic trip. Beautiful waterfalls, impressive cavern and you even booked some nice weather! Thanks for organizing.”


8142740“I owe you one of the happiest days of my life, its like finding your true love for the first time…
I love Lobo Cave! my truest love!!
The best cave i’ve been though!”

Jennifer C. Gutierrez, Conservation Cavers Inc. HAPI Org.

3940512“Thank you Joni! I had wonderful time visiting 2 caves with you. The entire experience is amazing. I enjoy the view and experience your hospitality. Your service makes Samar even more likable. Awesome!!!!” – JASMINE

“Very cool experience that I’d never be able to forget! The trip was adventurous but Joni’s service was so nice and good so we feel safe and enjoy the trip.” – PEARL


3412594“Thank you Joni for the hard work and willingness to take me to these unreal places even though i was solo for a good bit of it. I was worried i might not be able to do some of the caves i really wanted to see because i was traveling alone but you took me anyway. My earlier entry for Lobo Cave was just a primer for more and bigger underground adventures. Pinipisakan Falls/ Sulpan Cave were phenomenal!!! Even getting rained out of going into Sulpan Cave didn’t take away from that incredible experience..Central Cave; what an experience and a privilege to see such a place that so few humans have ever seen!! Calbiga Cave, Wow!!! the size and the varied formations are unlike anything I’d ever experience, truly the mother load! I liked the caves before i came here, but now I LOVE them!! Thank you!!”


302130“What a great day this was! Lobo Cave is an amazing place to discover. Swimming, climbing(up and down), this cave has it all. Great guide also! Thanks for making us discover this gem of Samar Island.”


3413441“We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into but we knew it would be a fun experience and we were right! In addition, we thought it was filled with many things to do such as hiking, swimming, rappelling and many more. This caving expedition was the highlight of our vacation and will satisfy any explorers/adventurers.”

4748714“It was a great fun and adventure ,we enjoyed it and we will be back again. Experincing this great adventure is worth it. Thanks Sir Joni Abesamis Bonifacio for accommodating us, we will be back again.”

Jomar & Glenda, Cebu City

7373509_orig“Speechless! The trip to Lobo Cave was beyond my expectations! I loved the cave-so much to see, combined with climbing, swimming. An authentic close-to-nature experience. Felt safe all the time, and got enough time to enjoy all the parts we visited in the cave. Worth the money smile emoticon Happy Norwegian leaves Samar, will come back for more caving adventures. 
Thank you, Joni, for an awesome trip!”


2862262_orig“Great day to go Lobo Cave. Nice trip for full day. I enjoy with my freinds for Lobo Trip, nice one. Ilike swimming inside the cave, long trip for nice exploring. I wish everyone experience that trip and enjoy.” – HANI ALAMUUUDI

“We spent a nice trip with you. And you let us now Samar and like it. It’s true not long time but we so enjoying this program. You are so kind and interested, believe me you are the best and all my friend always say we are like coz we are with you. If we not know you, we not enjoy in Samar.
Thank You a lot and best regards.
Mr. Joni God bless you and your family” – FAIHAN ALQAHTANI


1508543_orig“Great day! True Adventure! I don’t expect it to be so good. Will come again. Really something different and exciting. Thanks very much!” – BRIAN 

I really recommend you to go caving with Joni. It was an amazing adventure. I managed to conquer my claustrophobia. This guy is true professional! – PETR KNAPP


3067456_orig“Spent four days with Joni and went to 3 caves and also did Canyoning. The four previous months of travelling with no good exercise and good food soon caught up to me…Exhausted!

All the trips were excellent, really feels like adventure each day. For the full day tours we got breakfast and lunch included which was delicious every day.
Crystal Central Cave was very beautiful and as it was only discovered this year. I was told I was among the first 14 people to visit it. The entrance to the cave is an 18 meter rappel which was very amazing.

May favorite tour though was to Must do tour—> Jiabong Cave which involve very little trekking and lots of swimming in the cave. It finished with a boat ride down the river in a dug out canoe.

Enjoy your adventure!”


842627_orig“It was my 3rd times in Langun – Gobingob Cave yet the thrill and adventures never fade out its always new. This cave never fail me to amazed and appreciate….tumataas adrenaline level ko. hahaha! I’ve got also the best and cool team 6 girls & 4 boys they are all tough and to quit it always the last option for them. Thumbs-up guys!! We go home with victory because we are safe and sound everything is satisfied of what the organizer served and offered. Salute to my cool & kindhearted “kapatid” Joni Abesamis Bonifacio for organizing that extreme adventure ……thumbs up for you kapatid. Keep that good spirit as cave master!! Never Stop Exploring! To the 3 local guides who are disciplined & expert kuya Lito,Remy & Lando thank you for assisting our needs during hard times. Galing niyo!”


360314_orig“A lifetime worth of adventure in one day! Joni made a place that could be dangerous and frightful into wonderland of delight. I felt very safe with his competent guidance while still able to joke and act like a big kid. And on top of all that, Joni and his family put us up in their house, fed us a delicious vegetarian meal and showed us the most wonderful hospitality. Thank You!”


360314_orig“We showed up without any booking and Joni was kind enough to take us on a trip the next day. The entire trip was fantastic. I think what makes taking a tour with Joni worth every penny is that every part of the trip is an adventure,not just the caves. We trekked through a beautiful countryside to get to the caves and when we left we waded through a river, rode in a canoe made in a tree and rode on top of the jeepney with a glorious view of the sunset. The caves of course is magical too. I never thought that caves like that existed in real life! Thanks so much Joni for taking us on a fantastic adventure, I will definitely be back for more!”


7134292_orig“A pearl in the middle of the Philippines tourism infrastructure desert. Joni who help us to discover those treasure of Samar which would be left out of our reach otherwise. Fair price, real kindness is a lift and of course Samar itself. Discovering caves like that, safely with all the pleasure of being dare to explore the huge complex.
A real professionalism is a rare one even..Joni knows his job. And he has more many ropes to tie bow other things to do in Samar which make me wish to come back.
The canyoning is very refreshing, the caving is unforgettable which for this last comment, Joni is of course helping but most of the credit still have to go to the beauty themselves. Thank you Lobo and Calbiga!”


3741936_orig“Went to Bangon Falls canyoning this morning with Joni Abesamis Bonifacio & Nico. Excellent adventure and reasonably technical. Felt safe the whole way down the river system because of Joni’s expertise. Many beautiful waterfalls. Highly recommended!” – MICHAEL HALL

“Thanks Joni for the cool canyoning today!!! First time in the Philippines that i did it and as they say, it’s DEFINITELY more fun in the Philippines! I wish you all the success you deserve but it seems you already got it!


6625073_orig“Went caving in Lobo Cave and canyoning at Bangon Falls. Both trips were terrific and lots of fun! Joni and his staff definitely know their stuff and are committed to sustainable Eco-tourism. Gear was in excellent shape and i felt safe and secure the entire time (even on top of the jeepney!) Home cooked meals at Joni’s house were a delicious and pleasant surprise. The homemade meals and snacks during the adventure were also excellent. Leaving Samar will be difficult because Joni has showed me such a good time!

Thanks for all the adventures!”


5809294_orig“We went on a tour to the caves with Joni and his team . I had one of the best days of our trip to Philippines . The food he served for lunch was amazing good specially the stem banana.

Thank you Joni !”

Dheena, Vishan, Ahmed & Ilai, MALDIVES

9871678_orig“I was fortunate enough to join the central cave trip, and i’m sooo happy and graceful that i could. it couldn’t have been a more fun exciting and rewarding day. The cave gave us surprise after surprise and i wish we would’ve stayed there forever.
Joni your service is amazing, your playground is to be jealous and your hospitality to treasure . Thank you ! ”

Japke, Netherland

8593238“Thank you Joni for the cave tour-it was the BEST CAVE TOUR we have ever been on.We were happy to see and experience,that you use the knowledge and help from the local people in the village. You know so much about caving and we felt perfectly safe all the way throughout the cave.
We wish you all the best with your cave-business!”


7186863“The way to Catbalogan is for set worth every minute for that amazing experience. When in a cave without any man-made in there,one can easily get frickled. But Joni leaves no space for these,as there are so much amazing things to discover. One really feels like a true explorer,climbing through holes, walking through water and swimming below stalactites. Some people look for better caves to see better, other go to special places to look at stalagmites and stalactites and other such adventure in climbing hills in Samar you get in all in one place!

Thank you Joni for showing these cave with us!”


430838“It was well worth the effort of travelling to Catbalogan to experience the Lobo cave tour. Joni is a great guide and everything was well organized. I hope the news of Samar’s potential spreed to others travelers, as this is a great part of the country to visit.”

Jerram Robinson, New Zealand

932890“The Cave tour in Lobo cave was an Amazing experience . The stalagmite & stalactite formations were beautiful. Would recommend to everybody especially to Cavers, who haven’t been to Lobo Cave in Jiabong,Samar
Thank you to our professional guide Mr. Joni A. Bonifacio”

Carlos, Theresa,Corason & Richard, FILIPINO

7571982“I’am a FIRST TIMER , I have nothing to compare it to but it’s something I’d definitely do again and again. You got me converted Joni !
Exciting, unique and unforgettable cave same of words i can find to describe such wonderful experience. So thank you for the care to the detail to both the guide and the porter really great.
Some really be amazing experiences and memories I’ll take with me back home shaking off to all my friends and family
All the best Joni”


8414690“This was simply stunning! I LOVE IT! Every single minute! I have been in a few cave before and this one Lobo Cave was by far the best . So many different chambers, formations. No way to get bored in there. Loved the swimming! Had so much fun in the mud. Joni make the best of the cave taking you to the small opening. He knows his cave and how to make you pass an AWESOME day. And the boat ride at the end was perfectly relaxing! 

Definitely a must in Philippines!”


9569320“One of the best trips that I’ve done in the Philippines & one one of the best trip I’ve ever done . Lobo cave was amazing , really i was speechless several times today. The waterfall you can climb into is like something from Lord of The Rings ! Thank you so much Joni for allowing us to see this amazing place.Good local with tourism in Catbalogan – You deserve it.”


2043405“Today i went to Lobo cave, and I think it was one of the most amazing and beautiful thing I’ve ever seen ! Its like being on other planet ! So quit, so peaceful, and so impressive ! The walk to the cave and the boat ride on the way back were also great… So really , I had an awesome day and i will recommend this tour to everyone i know.

Thanks Joni for the great guiding :-)”

Marina, FRANCE

101336“What an adventure ! I didn’t know what exactly what to expect in Langun – Gobingob Cave but is was a thrill around ever corner. From mountains of but shit to a Philippine cobra to lots of lots slippery mud. It was a very memorable experience and will create many great stories. We will not forget Samar or Joni and the great porters !”

Chelan Pauly & Katie Pauly, Washington (U.S.A.)
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